Volunteer FAQs

Q? I’m ready! So, how do I become a volunteer?

A. The first step is to fill out our online Volunteer Application. Once we have received your application, you will be contacted through email to schedule your attendance at one of our Volunteer Orientations (please allow several days or occasionally longer as all Second Chance “personnel” are volunteers).

Q? Does Second Chance offer foster opportunities to volunteers?

A. We do have a kitten foster program that is open to current, active Second Chance volunteers. You will find out more about this at Volunteer Orientation.

Q? What are the hours during which volunteers can work?

A. Work hours depend upon the job that you are doing and are covered in our Volunteer Orientation.  Generally, volunteers assisting with the animals at the Franklin Township Animal Shelter work between the hours of 10am and 3pm daily and until 6 pm on Saturdays.  Second Chance also has special events and non-animal work such as fundraising.

Q? What kind of work do Second Chance for Animals volunteers do?

A. Since everyone at Second Chance is a volunteer, volunteers do a lot!  Many of our volunteers work directly with the animals at the Franklin Township Animal Shelter.  Projects include cleaning, dog walking, animal socialization, and showing adoptable animals to the public.  However, we have non-animal needs including fundraising and getting the word out about SCFA and the Franklin Township Animal Shelter!

Q? Can I bring my child with me when I volunteer? She/he loves animals.

A. Unfortunately, no. We do not have volunteers under the age of 18 because we cannot be responsible for minors.  Additionally, if you are watching your child, you are not focusing 100% on your job, which can be dangerous for you, your child, and the animals.

Q? Are there any other requirements for volunteering?

A. Volunteers must be able to follow directions and communicate with staff, volunteers, and the general public with a friendly, can-do attitude.  Volunteers often work independently on projects with little supervision from Shelter staff or experienced volunteers and should therefore be comfortable working alone after training.  Some activities may be physically demanding.Volunteers are also asked to purchase a volunteer t-shirt at a cost of $10 and pay annual dues of $15 as explained below.

Q? Why do Second Chance volunteers pay annual dues of $15?

A. Volunteers pay $15 annual dues for as long as they continue to volunteer with Second Chance. This covers the cost of online scheduling program, volunteer insurance, and other volunteer related administrative costs. Second Chance is very grateful for volunteer help and realizes that many volunteers donate their time in lieu of a monetary contribution.  However, annual dues allow Second Chance to use the money raised to assist the Franklin Township animals, rather than to pay for the costs of maintaining a volunteer program.

Q? Is there an age requirement to volunteer?

A. Yes. Volunteers must be 18 years old or older.

Q? If I’m too young to volunteer, is there any way I can help?

A. Yes! At-home projects can be a great way to help the animals. For example, you could hold a donation drive for the Franklin Township Animal Shelter at your school or through your Girl Scout or Boy Scout group. You could unfold newspapers at home (ask for directions at the Shelter), or help out by making homemade dog biscuits or cat toys (please discuss your ideas with Shelter staff).

Q? What is the time commitment?

A. The minimum commitment is 5 hours per month for at least 6 months.  You’re welcome to work more hours if your schedule allows. We require a minimum commitment because our volunteers invest time and effort into training new volunteers.  Having too large a turnover puts a strain on everyone involved.  Please consider whether or not you are able to honor this commitment before completing the application.  We do make an exception to the 6 month commitment for students who are home for the summer.

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