Mike joined SCFA in 2015 and joined the Board in 2017. Mike is the President of the Board of SCFA Directors, as well as the Second Chance for Animals Volunteer Coordinator, a Team Leader at the Shelter, leads Thursday night Socialization, and also mentors new dog walkers. Mike is the first member of SCFA to contact new volunteers and for most is the first face that new volunteers see. Mike is always ready to lend a hand. He can be found most Saturdays at the Shelter working with the adoptable animals and Shelter visitors. Mike lives with a grumpy cat.

Mike Quat

Alicia has been with SCFA since its inception in 1998. While she rejoined the Board in 2015, Alicia served for many years in the past on the SCFA Board, and at various times as Volunteer Coordinator, and Fundraising Chair and organizer of many fundraisers, including SCFA’s Tricky Tray. Alicia has been involved with several other NJ animal rescue groups over the years and shares her home with several kitties and Helen, adopted from the Shelter!

Alicia Bottari

Nora joined SCFA in December, 1999…that’s almost 18 years! Nora rejoined the Board in 2017 and serves as Treasurer to SCFA.  To date, she has been involved in every facet of the organization, previously serving as Secretary, Vice President, and President of the Board and we are lucky she has facilitated the last 10+ years of the Santa Paws fundraising event (Pet pictures with Santa). Nora also raises money selling handcrafted items at various fairs and animal related events. Nora’s most satisfying accomplishment for the animals and SCFA was implementing the spay/neuter program so that every dog, cat, kitten and puppy is spayed or neutered before he or she goes home. It’s hard to believe, but 18 years ago, animals left the Franklin Township Animals shelter without being spayed or neutered.

Nora Breen

Alicia joined SCFA in 1999 and rejoined the Board of Directors in 2016. She is involved with dog orientations, dog mentoring and helping with Cat adoptions at Petsmart and Petco.  Alicia also sits on the Marketing & Outreach Committee and assists with SCFA’s social media presence. She works for a telecommunications company managing the Talent Acquisition department and supports other areas within Human Resources. Alicia adopted an adorable young cat named “Cashew” who loves to play and watch the “wildlife” movie out the front window.

Alicia De Sordi

Nancy has been a member of SCFA since March 2009 and joined the board in 2019. She is a Team Leader for outside adoption venues such as PetSmart and Petco. Nancy also is the Socialization Lead Coordinator, serves on the Marketing and Outreach Committee, and enjoys updating our bulletin boards in the community and our Facebook page with photos of adoptable pets. After retiring from special education, Nancy now loves working part-time at the public library. A true cat lover, she shares her home with three cats, all adopted from the Franklin Township Animal Shelter!

Nancy Rayner
Photos With Santa Paws