Jennifer has been with SCFA for more than 15 years. As the team lead on grant writing, she has won awards totaling more than $80,000 for the organization. Jennifer has fostered over 100 kittens in her time with SCFA. She enjoys working hands-on with the shelter animals, and can be found most weekends either cleaning at the shelter, assisting with adoptions or steering SCFA's adoptions at Petsmart in Bridgewater.

Jennifer Kushinka

Vice President

In 2000 Barbara moved to Franklin Township and soon after joined Second Chance for Animals. She found it to be a well-organized, compassionate, and successful group assisting with the care and adoption of animals at the Franklin Township Animal Shelter. Starting out, as many do, with cleaning cat cages, she moved on to dog walking after being oriented to that rewarding activity. As a frequent adopter of senior Chihuahuas with medical and/or behavioral problems over the years (the old, the bad, and the infirm), it has been a pleasurable learning experience to interact with the big mush-ball Pit Bulls, along with many other breeds, big and small.

Barbara Lee


Alicia has been with SCFA since its inception in 1998.  Rejoining SCFA in 2015 after a brief hiatus, she currently serves as Secretary to the Board.  Filling a variety of roles over the past 25 years has given her a broader understanding of the relationship of all aspects of SCFA which combine to enhance the experience of animals at the Shelter and in the community.  She plans and assists with various fundraising and marketing events and other initiatives, with the biennial Tricky Tray certainly being the most labor intensive. As Volunteer Coordinator, working with volunteers is her most rewarding role. Romero, an energetic and intelligent senior chihuahua from the Franklin Shelter, is the most recent addition to her home!

Alicia Bottari


Nora joined SCFA in December, 1999. Nora rejoined the Board in 2017 and serves as Treasurer to SCFA.  To date, she has been involved in every facet of the organization, previously serving as Secretary, Vice President, and President of the Board and we are lucky she has facilitated the last 10+ years of the Santa Paws fundraising event (Pet pictures with Santa). Nora also raises money selling handcrafted items at various fairs and animal related events. Nora’s most satisfying accomplishment for the animals and SCFA was implementing the spay/neuter program so that every dog, cat, kitten and puppy is spayed or neutered before he or she goes home. It’s hard to believe, but 18 years ago, animals left the Franklin Township Animals shelter without being spayed or neutered.

Nora Breen

Karin is a lifelong animal lover who comes from a family of animal lovers. Over the years, her family has adopted three dogs and a cat from the Franklin Shelter. She is an RN by profession and was a paralegal before that. She considers it an honor to be on the Board and has learned so much from my fellow board members. In the years to come, she look forward to being able to collaborate with the other Board members for even more fundraising and community outreach.

Karin Bennett

Richa previously fostered two dogs, Daisy and Star, who inculcated her love for dogs and her admiration of animal shelters. Richa is involved in fundraising events, walking the shelter dogs and spends her Saturdays as an adoption assistant at the shelter. Richa is learning a lot from the SCFA family and is excited to serve as part of the Board of Directors.

Richa Avtar

Wendy has had the humble pleasure of being a volunteer with Second Chance for Animals since 2011. During that time, she assisted in helping the shelter animals in many different capacities.  This is her second term on the Board of Directors. She is grateful and excited to continue assisting with our organization’s mission to enhancing the animal’s experiences and increase public awareness of our shelter’s adoptable animals.

Wendy Kerekes