Why join Second Chance For Animals?

Second Chance for Animals is made up entirely of volunteers, so we are always in need of new individuals who are willing to step up and join us. As a volunteer, you have the opportunity to have a meaningful impact on improving the lives of the animals living in the Franklin Township Animal Shelter, whether you choose to volunteer directly with the animals or to help with events and fundraising.

New volunteers must go through an orientation and must attend additional training before working with the dogs. All of our cat training is “on the job.” If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please review the information below, check out our Volunteer FAQ and if you think joining us is for you, please fill out the Volunteer Application.

Volunteer Opportunities

Help at the ShelterTaking care of all the cats, dogs and other animals at the shelter is a huge job. The paid shelter staff clean and feed every animal but it takes all day. To ensure that each animal gets the best care and the cleanest environment, volunteers help to clean and we are always in need of volunteers to come in every day of the week to help the shelter staff.

What does that mean?

  • Scoop cat litter pans and dog kennels of waste
  • Clean every cage
  • Provide fresh bedding
  • Do laundry and fold and put away clean towels and bedding
  • Wash food and water bowls
  • Provide clean water and food
  • Unfold newspapers (for lining the cat cages and some small dog crates)

Please note: some of this work is physically challenging including lifting, bending, standing and stepping up on stools to reach upper cages. Bleach is used in the water to help disinfect and prevent the spread of disease.

Assisting with AdoptionsVolunteers help with adoptions both at the shelter and outside venues like PetSmart. There is a lot of interaction with the public and volunteers learn how to talk with and evaluate potential adopters.

Volunteers assisting with outside adoption venues come to the shelter, crate the animals and transport them to and from the event in their own cars. The day may also involve some work in setting up, breaking down and cleaning the cages. There is a lot of standing at each event, although chairs are available as well.

Transportation – Volunteers are needed regularly during the week to:

  • Transport animals to and from vet offices.
  • Drive wildlife to wildlife rescue sanctuaries.

Please note: volunteers use their own cars. A small per-mile reimbursement for gas may be provided by SCFA with proper documentation, though most volunteers handle the cost themselves.

Fundraising – SCFA provides a substantial amount of financial support to the shelter. In order to continue to raise funds to support the ever-growing needs of the animals, we need volunteers to participate on the fundraising committee to help plan and run events. Fundraising events include:

  • Paws for a Cause dog walk
  • Super 50-50 Raffle
  • Blessing of the Animals
  • Snyders Farm
  • Tricky Tray
  • Santa Paws (pet pictures with Santa)
  • Shake-a-Can solicitation days
  • Donation Cans
  • Grant Writing

The SCFA Fundraising committee is always looking for additional fundraising opportunities and volunteers to oversee them – small or large.

Read the Volunteer Frequently Asked Questions.