Fundraising for SCFA: Event Guidelines

Thank you very much for your interest in supporting Second Chance for Animals and Franklin Township animals! We are always grateful when individuals and organizations conduct fundraising events and donation drives to support Franklin Township animals – and we are fortunate that community members choose to use their time, energy and effort to help raise funds to support our mission.

We hope the following information helps you to plan your fundraising event. Questions may be directed to our Fundraising Committee, at

Fundraising ideas listed below are some of the many ways that you can help us help the homeless animals of Franklin Township. We bet you have some great creative ideas as well. All proceeds donated to SCFA benefit the animals helped by SCFA. Funds raised go directly toward the veterinary care, food, litter, and program expenses so critical to supporting our mission. We thank you in advance for your support!

  • Hold a supply drive using the current SCFA Wish List to collect much needed items for the Franklin Township Shelter animals.
  • Ask your employer to hold a dress down day to benefit SCFA.
  • Hold your own yard sale, bake sale, or dog wash and donate the proceeds to SCFA.
  • Cash in your unused credit card points or miles and donate a gift card to SCFA.
  • Sell the clothes that you don’t wear anymore to consignment shops. Donate the money to SCFA! Or sell a few of your forgotten treasures on eBay and donate the earnings to SCFA!

SCFA’s logo or mission may not be used in any way without written approval from SCFA’s President. However, Third Party fundraising events may be referred to as “benefitting Second Chance for Animals” without written permission. They may not be represented as “sponsored by,” “conducted on behalf,” or any similar terminology.

SCFA cannot bring animals to your fundraising event, nor do we provide animals for events where people pay to socialize or play with animals.

SCFA is unable to distribute flyers or other information about your event. We are unable to provide the addresses or email addresses of our donors, patrons, staff, board members, and volunteers and we are not able to send email on your behalf.

Due to our limited resources, SCFA cannot provide you with volunteer staff to help run your event. We can sometimes pick up donated items. If you are holding a drive and would like to see if we can pick up your donated items, please email

While we are happy you have chosen to help SCFA, we do not have the personnel needed to handle the organizational and administrative tasks associated with Third Party fundraising events. Therefore, Third Party fundraisers are responsible for all details of the event including:

  • Event and budget planning;
  • Underwriting all of the related costs;
  • Recruiting people to help out at the event;
  • Creating flyers and other promotional items to publicize the event;
  • Working at the event.

It is the responsibility of the Third Party fundraiser to disclose the percentage of the proceeds that will be donated to SCFA.

Third party fundraisers are responsible for obtaining all permits, licenses, insurance and insurance certificates.

SCFA will not assume any type of liability for a Third Party event, including liability for any injuries sustained by anyone helping with a Third Party event or participants related to an event benefiting SCFA.

We may agree to help promote your event on our website or social media pages and we may publicly thank you for your donations and support through these media. SCFA retains the right to decline any event if it conflicts with our mission, fundraising efforts, event calendar or for any other reason.

We appreciate your kindness and compassion. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact the fundraising committee